Frequently Asked Questions

We hope this page clears up any questions you have, but if you don’t see your question, please contact us and we will get back to you.
Why do you tutor? 
That’s what we know best.  When we started this company, we wanted to bring you the highest quality service possible.  We guarantee that we are a better tutoring service than any other company out there.  What is the minimum number of sessions I can sign up for? 
You can sign up for one session, or package sessions. We have assurance that with 40 hours of tutoring, the student will improve at least one grade level. We do feel that our true talent is in working with a student on a regular basis in order to change the way they think about learning. 

What subjects do you tutor? 
We can tutor math, reading, English, science, writing, social studies, history. We will help you with most courses your elementary, middle, and high school offers.  We will also help you prepare for common core testing, state standard testing, SAT,  ACT Exam.

What kind of experience do your tutors have? 
While some of our tutors have degrees in science, math or others are college students studying teaching, science, mathematics or related fields at local universities.  Every tutor has a minimum of  five years of tutoring experience and is guaranteed to be an expert in the subjects they tutor.

How are your tutors screened?
Our tutors are screened through a thorough 4 step process.  This includes face to face interviews, background checks, mock tutoring sessions, and taking tests for each subject they wish to tutor. 

Where does tutoring take place?

Tutoring takes place in public or local university libraries. Students should come be dropped off by parent and signed off to ensure that parent is aware of tutoring time.
What happens during first orientation session?
This is the opportunity for tutoring, parent and child to meet and discuss what areas of problems that are in need for tutoring. ATP code of conduct will be discussed and signed by student and parent. Financial packages will be discussed and then signed by parent. Tutor will then give an assessment for the child, after this assessment the tutor will be able to put lessons together for the future.

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